The Complete Guide to Hot Tub Exercise

Girl doing yoga in the hot tub.

If you are like many wise investors, you checked out all of the best hot tubs and compared hot tub prices before settling on the one that was just perfect for your needs. After a few luxurious soaks have gotten you feeling completely relaxed, maybe you found yourself sitting there wondering, so what’s next? Lucky for you, your purchase is more than just a comfortable means of easing stress at the end of the day. Did you know that it is also an excellent piece of exercise equipment as well? What better way to combine athletics than with a soothing hot tub!

How Using a Swim Spa Can Help Ease Aches and Pains

Woman holding her elbow from pain.

Aches and pains can turn a great day into a horrible one. Whether it’s the result of an injury or simply a sign of aging, pain in the body shouldn’t be something you have to resign yourself to living with. Fortunately, there are some options you can explore that will help you ease those aches and pains without medication. Using a swim spa is one such way.

The Homeowner’s Guide to Lawn Care in the Spring

Beautiful spring grass.

Here’s the bad news first: by neglecting spring lawn care and mower maintenance, you may end up paying for it the rest of the year. The good news is that the simple lawn tasks required in the spring don’t involve nearly as much work as the sole task of mowing through the summer months. On the contrary, the following five suggestions for spring lawn care are quite simple to implement. In addition, there are a few tasks mentioned below that are better performed as part of your fall lawn care, if you can hold off that long.

Simple BBQ Recipes under 500 Calories You Need to Try

Steak and veggies.

When the sun starts shining brighter and the smell of evening cookouts spread in the warm summer air, you know its time to dust off your trusty BBQ, grill or smoker! Here are some delicious and simple BBQ recipes under 500 calories that will delight your taste buds while keeping you healthy this summer.

The Biggest Backyard Trends for 2024


Ready for your backyard to blossom and bloom this year? Well, one sure-fire way to make that happen is to incorporate some of the best trends of 2024! Our experts at Big John’s in Kalispell have rolled up their sleeves, put their heads together and created a list of the top backyard trends springing into action this year.

Take a look at the trends in this article to get started!

5 Differences of Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Outdoor hot tub deck installation.

Does your backyard need a boost? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Big John’s in Kalispell, we have a wide range of backyard solutions fit for just about every homeowner. No matter your style or budget, there’s a solution for you. But if you’re like the many others who come in search of a warm, jet-driven soak in the luxury of a spa, you might be hit with the same debacle: should I buy a hot tub or a swim spa?

While very similar, hot tubs and swim spas do have a few things that set them apart from one another. In this article, we’re going to dig a little deeper into what separates the two and hopefully help you come to the best decision possible!

Preparing Your Backyard for an Outdoor Summer Party

Eating BBQ'd food at a picnic table.

Do you want to throw a backyard party? We don’t blame you! The summertime is arguably one of the best times of the year to spend time in your backyard. So, why not ask all of your friends and family to join you by throwing a party? You can involve the various features of your backyard into the party, give it a theme and invite whomever you desire! But first, you need to prepare your backyard (and yourself) for this event.

Read on for more information about preparing for a backyard outdoor summer party.

How to Heal Your Sore Muscles with Hydrotherapy

Woman holding her sore neck while laying in bed.

In this day and age, sore muscles are pretty much inevitable. Think about the things that you do and feel on a daily basis. From sitting in an uncomfortable driver’s seat and spending your day in a stiff office chair, to feeling stressed out and overwhelmed after a long, busy day, there are so many factors that can contribute to feeling sore and uncomfortable. The good news is, you don’t have to suffer alone. By spending some time relaxing in your hot tub regularly, your sore muscles can greatly benefit from a water-based therapeutic technique known as hydrotherapy.

Read on to learn more about hydrotherapy, how it works, and how you can benefit!

How to Prepare Your Property for Spring

Woman watering a flower garden.

After a long, dreary winter, we can finally look forward to the warm spring and summer months! One of the best places to enjoy the warm sun and fresh air is none other than your own backyard. Especially with all the fun outdoor features you’ve installed and beautiful landscape you’ve maintained. The colder temperatures can unfortunately take a toll on your backyard, which is exactly why it’s so important that you take some time to revamp it for the spring.

Keep reading to learn about how you can prepare your property for the spring in a few simple steps.

Revamp Your Backyard in 6 Simple Steps

Woman sitting in the backyard.

For those who are bored of the lackluster look of their backyard, we have the perfect solution. Take your boring backyard and turn it into the outdoor paradise you’ve always dreamed of. Your backyard should always cater to the needs and wants of you and your family. That most definitely includes being both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In this post, we are covering the whole process of revamping a backyard in just six simple steps. It certainly can’t get easier than this.

Everything You Need to Know About Hot Tub Yoga

Grandmother and granddaughter doing yoga outside the hot tub.

Are you looking for a new way to advance your health and wellness endeavors? Hot tub yoga might just be for you! Whether you’re new to the world of yoga or if you consider yourself an expert in the practice, you might find that this approach is a good fit for you. The water can offer a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, perfect for anyone who suffers from joint or muscle pain. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the basics of hot tub yoga and even dive into some poses for you to try!

How to Stay Fit This Winter with a Spa

lady in the hot tub while her husbands stands on outside

If you’re looking to add a fun, relaxing and entertaining feature to your home, an outdoor swim spa or a hot tub might just be for you! Not only are they fun and recreational, but they are flexible and practical, too. The various available sizes can help you accommodate physical routines and other exercises, which you can use to enhance your wellness and stay active. Check out this article and read on to learn more about how to stay fit during winter by using an in-ground swim spa or hot tub, the right way!

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

Hot Tubs next to a Pool

The hot tub market is extremely diverse. In fact, there are many options that cater to a wide range of buyers, from deluxe home owners, to young families who are just getting started and are looking for a way to add more cozy features to their backyard. Whether you are looking for a high-end hot tub model or you’re set on saving a few bucks with an entry-level offering, it is essential to know what you are getting.

Let’s take a look at the average prices for hot tubs and why.

Top 7 Uses for Your Pressure Washer

pressure washing the sidewalk

A pressure washer is a truly remarkable piece of home equipment. Simply because it’s extremely versatile and effective. Pressure washers can be quite useful in a wide variety of situations. They can help owners save considerable time and effort in the process of cleaning around their home exterior.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 uses for your pressure washer!

Top 5 Outdoor Swim Spa Exercises

Swim Spa installation

Many outdoor swim spa owners love to spend time lounging in their spa. However, it’s always good to remember that a swim spa can also be used for other reasons, such as staying fit and active. As a matter of fact, water-based fitness can offer many amazing benefits and can be suitable for those in all stages of their lives. This includes the elderly, children or individuals with low mobility.

There are many great exercises you can perform in the water. Read on to find out more about the 5 best outdoor swim spa exercises to stay fit and target various areas of your body!