The Complete Guide to Hot Tub Exercise

Girl doing yoga in the hot tub.

If you are like many wise investors, you checked out all of the best hot tubs and compared hot tub prices before settling on the one that was just perfect for your needs. After a few luxurious soaks have gotten you feeling completely relaxed, maybe you found yourself sitting there wondering, so what’s next? Lucky for you, your purchase is more than just a comfortable means of easing stress at the end of the day. Did you know that it is also an excellent piece of exercise equipment as well? What better way to combine athletics than with a soothing hot tub!

Making Your Hot Tub Work for You

Many people know that water is one of the best ways to get an effective and low-impact workout, but may presume that it is reserved for a swimming pool. Doing laps and strokes aren’t the only way to push your muscles to build up strength. Just remember, as with any other exercise routine, to be gentle with yourself and not do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. Lower the temperature of the water to about a hundred degrees and if there is any pain or you feel dizzy, be sure to stop at once! Each exercise should hold for approximately three seconds and repeat three times, gradually building up to ten when you feel comfortable with it.

Your Spa Exercise Routine

Starting with your calf muscles, begin in a sitting position and push your toes against the end of the tub. Hold for a few seconds, then release. To get a really good stretch, focus on one leg at a time. To give your hamstrings the attention they deserve, while still sitting, push one heel down on the ground and hold, then repeat with the other leg. To work your neck and shoulders, tilt your head back to look up, then alternate to the left and right, finally rotate in a full circle, then repeat. Roll your shoulders forward, then lift your shoulders up and hold.

Some of our favorite hot tub exercises include:

  • Reverse crunches
  • Squats
  • Shoulder Rolls
  • Torso twists
  • Lunges
  • Triceps dips
  • Water yoga

In addition to concentrating on the aching parts of your body that just needed the focus of pulsing water, there are also some amazing stretches than can be done that work well for people of all ages and skill levels. Gently twisting your body and extending your arms above your head can not only help alleviate any aches and pains you might have but can also open up your lungs to deeper breathing which can aid in the therapeutic process.

Hot Tubs in Kalispell

If this has invoked your interest in how to use your hot tub as an exercise machine, then perhaps you would like to learn more about what hot tub therapy can do for you and your body. There is no real limit to how your hot tub can benefit you. Be sure to check out our blog for more information, or come right down to Big John’s located here in Kalispell. One of our helpful staff will be happy to guide to finding the answers you need!