5 Tips for the Perfect Lawn

Green lawn

Nothing says summer quite like the perfect lawn! Taking care of your lawn isn’t hard, but it does require some care, time, and dedication. If you’re willing to put in a little extra effort, you’ll certainly be rewarded with an amazing lawn! One you’ll be proud to show off and happy to enjoy every single day!

Read on to discover five easy tips to make your lawn perfect.

Know When to Cut the Grass

Mowing your lawn at the right time during the day is very important. If you start working on the lawn in the hottest hours of the day when the sun is peaking, you could actually put some strain on your lawn.

Aim to cut your grass in the evening. This time of the day is essential for the health of your lawn, as it’s more likely to be dry after absorbing moisture and nutrients throughout the day, with plenty of time to recover throughout the night.

You should always avoid mowing your lawn when the grass is wet, because you chance the risk of cutting the grass the wrong way, which can sometimes result in the spread of lawn diseases.

On that note, the best time to water your lawn is in the morning. This way, the sun can help dry any excess water on your lawn throughout the day, and the water can help prevent the soil from drying up and hardening.

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Fertilizing the Lawn

Fertilizing the lawn is a very important process because it will allow your lawn to gain some precious nutrients. These nutrients aid both the health and wellness of your grass. It’s highly-recommended to start fertilizing in late fall or early winter, to help your lawn survive the unforgiving cold season!

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Learn the Best Way to Cut the Grass

When you mow your lawn, you should always make sure the grass is dry. Moreover, mowing in different directions every time you cut the grass will also help you avoid compacting your soil and result in a nice, consistent grass level.

Some like to mow as often as twice a week, particularly during springtime. However, during the summertime it’s recommended that you cut the grass once every 1-2 weeks. Remember to keep your mower blade at the highest level so that it’s not too short! It won’t take long before the sun scorches grass that is cut too short.

Water the Grass, Just Right!

The average lawn might need up to 1.5 inches of water every week to remain healthy and lush. The amount of watering you need to do will depend on the weather in your area, the moisture in the soil, as well as the sunlight and the grass type.

Make sure you gather enough information about all of these parameters in your particular situation, so you can develop the right irrigation routine!

Surviving the Winter

You might not spend as much time on your lawn during winter, but it still needs to be taken care of. In most cases, fertilizing the lawn on the onset of winter is a great idea. It will give a lot of nutrients to your lawn, which will help it overcome the harshness of the cold season.


Knowing how to plant your seeds is very important, as well as knowing the best times. In addition to that, selecting the right grass for your particular environment is key. For obvious reasons, the health of your grass will likely be influenced by the weather and the conditions in your area, so it’s very important to buy seeds that would withstand those conditions, without too much effort.


Aerating is a great thing to do if your soil has a compact, dry, clay-like consistency. Aerating a lawn can also prove to be highly beneficial after your lawn has been through some stress, such as renovations or other construction work.

Some people prefer to hire professionals to aerate their lawns, but you can easily do this yourself with some tools. There are many DIY solutions out there, and you can even rent professional aerators at reasonable rates.

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