5 Things to Do While Waiting for Hot Tub Delivery

In-ground Sundance Spas installation.

If you’re on a waitlist for your hot tub installation, worry not. There’s plenty to do to prepare for your spa’s arrival. Not sure what to do first? Here’s a list of some of the small projects to tackle as you await your hot tub installation.

1. Ready the HOT TUB Foundation

A solid hot tub foundation is a must if you want to enjoy your hot tub long-term. Whether you choose to install your spa on a deck, patio or concrete slab, make sure it’s completely level and is fashioned to withstand a lot of weight.  A filled hot tub comes in at least 2,000 pounds so make sure your base is up to the task.

A deck should be up to code to handle that kind of weight. If it’s not, you’ll need to have it reinforced before the spa arrives.

If you choose to install on a patio or concrete slab, make sure there are no cracks or angles. Either can impact the spa’s stability and will cause problems sooner or later.

2. Think About Privacy

If the spot you’ve chosen for your spa installation doesn’t afford much privacy, now is a great time to come up with a solution.

A pergola, which consists of four posts supporting a crossbeam roof, is a pretty yet practical solution. Lattice or wooden planks can be added to the sides to provide privacy. Just be sure that one side is left open for the installation of your spa.

If you don’t want to build anything, you can plant a row of shrubbery or use tall potted plants as a privacy screen. Not only is it effective, but it adds a lush touch to your spa area.

3. Consider Lighting

While hot tubs do have interior lighting, it’s nice to have lights around your outdoor living area. Not only does it help when you’re using your spa after dark, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your backyard.

Two of the easiest options are string lighting and tiki torches.

String lighting is both economical and easy to install. Simply string the strands above your spa in the pattern of your choice. You can hang your lights in rows, a zig-zag pattern or checkerboard style.

There are a wide variety of tiki torches, but we recommend buying a copper or brass style. Not only are they sturdier, but they can also be wired into your landscape, enabling you to use light bulbs instead of oil.

4. Choose Your Hot Tub Steps

Hot tub steps are one of the most practical spa accessories to purchase. They offer convenience and safety when entering and exiting your hot tub and are essential for seniors, children and people with mobility issues.

5. Think About a Cover and Lifter

A hot tub cover and cover lifter is a wonderful investment in your spa. The cover protects your spa from harsh weather, while also keeping your water hot. It’s also the best deterrent for keeping children and pets out of the water.

If you’re going to have a cover, a lifter is a must. It makes removing and reinstalling the cover a breeze and saves you from straining your back.

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