Hot Tub Foundation - How To Choose The Right One?

Outdoor hot tub installation on a concrete patio

Choosing the right foundation for your hot tub is imperative. Choosing the wrong place to put your hot tub can lead to long-term issues.

Placing your hot tub in the wrong spot will inevitably lead to a very expensive repair bill, create an unsafe environment for you and your loved ones, and in some cases, even make your hot tub unusable.

However, understanding your options for hot tub foundations will give you the knowledge to avoid these incidents from happening.

Placing Your Hot Tub on Concrete

Concrete is the best option for a hot tub foundation. Concrete is strong and provides enough support to your hot tub, which weighs a tremendous amount.

People who opt for a concrete foundation typically have the concrete poured as part of a patio, but it’s possible to have a slab of concrete poured specifically for your hot tub if this is the option you like the most.

Pavers as a Quick Solution

If concrete is an option you’re not interested in, pavers may be the route to go. While pavers are not as durable or strong as concrete, they are versatile and relatively cheap compared to pouring a concrete slab.

If you go this route, ensure your hot tub has a flat bottom. The whole bottom of a hot tub needs support, and some hot tubs may have curves or angled bottoms.

Spa Pad for Versatility

Spa pads are great for people who don’t want to commit to creating a permanent foundation for their hot tub. Spa pads are wonderful hot tub accessories that provide a sturdy base for most hot tubs, while still allowing for flexibility in location.

People who opt for an indoor hot tub typically use spa pads so that they won’t need to do any major renovations, however, spa pads can be implemented outdoors as well!

Wooden Deck for a Nice View

Using a wooden deck as a solid foundation for your hot tub is possible, but it’s important to ensure your deck is solid enough first.

Many older decks lack the structural integrity to support a heavy hot tub, but you can have yours tested by a carpenter. If you decide to use a wooden deck as a foundation, you’ll have a great view while you take a soak!

Crushed Gravel

Crushed gravel offers the best of both worlds when it comes to a hot tub foundation, affordable and versatile. People who opt for a crushed gravel foundation have the ability to lay their tub anywhere they want in their backyard.

As an added bonus, most stores that carry outdoor goods will have them lying around for you to purchase.

Since gravel has the ability to shift and move, it’s important that your spa is installed by a professional to ensure a sound installation and then checked regularly to ensure it’s in the best shape possible.

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