Top 5 Power Tools You Need This Spring

Top 5 Power Tools You Need This Spring

It’s springtime, which means summer will soon be in full swing. Everybody has upcoming plans for coming out of their cozy indoors to enjoy the weather and sunshine. Backyards can be a place of convenience, comfort, and entertainment when the spring season is in full bloom and summer turns up the heat. A well-maintained backyard lawn or garden can become a place for having fun with friends and family, especially during summer vacation.

Certain power tools can come in handy for your lawn and garden care needs. It’s beneficial to have these stored in your garage so you can do your own maintenance, without spending money on professional services. Here are 5 must-have power tools for this spring if you live in Kalispell, Montana.

1. Leaf Blowers

If you haven’t been to your backyard all autumn and winter, chances are that it’s overrun with dried leaves. To reveal the ground, your first step should be to remove them. Now, many will be inclined to rake the lawn or garden, but that can take a lot of effort. This is especially true for those with larger backyards. You can save tons of time, energy and money by investing in a high-quality leaf blower. The power of this machine will prevent you from applying tedious efforts and the result is an effectively cleaner lawn and garden.

Big John’s carried a wide variety of leaf blowers for sale in Kalispell, including brands like Stihl®, Echo, and Shindaiwa.

2. Trimmers   

Once you’ve removed the excess leaves, your ground might reveal some unruly grass. Maintenance that has been ignored for a considerable amount of time can cause the patches of grass to become quite disorderly. Trimmers are easy to use tools that can help get these patches back in order. Given the architecture of your lawn or garden, it’s possible that some corners are hard to reach. A quality trimmer from brands like Echo® and Shindaiwa, will do an effective job in maintaining the grass in these areas as well.

3. Power Washers

Lawn and garden care isn’t complete without ensuring that surrounding exterior is clean as well. If you have a small backyard, it may be easier to clean the exterior walls manually, but with vast areas, a power washer is necessary. Power washers ensure that all the dust and grime collected over time is removed effectively. A quality power washer offers a high performance and reveals the clean walls, while enhancing the aesthetic of the lawn or garden. At Big John’s in Montana, we carry three different brands of power washers for sale, including Top Gun, Billy Goal® and Echo Bear Cat.

4. Water Pumps

Lawn and garden care requires that the grass, plants and trees are all watered properly. As the spring proceeds, the temperature is going to climb as well. Therefore, all the greenery will require a supply of water to stay fresh.  Water pumps are high-performance power tools that are perfect for supplying water through large areas. Browse our selection of water pumps for sale in Kalispell, from top brands like Koshin, Shindaiwa, and Echo Bear Cat.

5. Lawn Mowers

As the spring blooms, your grass will inevitably keep growing. You should have a defined schedule to mow the lawn to maintain a healthy bed of grass. Lawn mowers are easy to use, eliminating the need for any professional lawn and garden maintenance professionals. Feel confident making a long-term investment in your outdoor maintenance, with industry-leading brands like Toro®, DR®, and Stihl®.

For the care of your lawn and garden, these high-grade power tools can provide the quality performance you’ve been looking for, and ultimately eliminate the need for professional maintenance services. Contact our team of outdoor specialists at Big John’s today to get started!