Top 5 High-Performance Outdoor Living Product Brands

Stihl Power Tools

No matter what your outdoor project, it’s important to use good quality products if you want the job done right. Whether you have a major DIY project on your hands or are performing routine maintenance, having the right tools is vital to the appearance of your outdoor space.

Here at Big John’s, our focus is on getting the best products into the hands of our customers. With that in mind, here are the top five brands to consider when purchasing a product to take your landscaping to the next level.

1. Stihl®

As a German manufacturer of everything from lawnmowers to leaf blowers to chainsaws, Stihl® provides efficient, lightweight machinery made to stand the test of time.

The secret to Stihl’s ongoing success is its single battery system that was designed to be used in any of the tools in the AK Battery System. The battery has a charge level indicator with four LEDs, allowing you to easily see how much power you have left with the simple tap of a button. When the battery is getting low, it can be removed and docked in a compatible charger.

The beauty of Stihl’s battery system is that it offers you products that are both powerful and lightweight. You also get a quieter product with no emissions. As an added bonus, you never need to worry about buying or storing gas ever again.

2. Toro®

This American company is all about making yard maintenance as easy as possible. Toro® accomplishes this by keeping not only efficiency and durability in mind, but the comfort of the user as well.

Known for its riding and push lawn mowers as well as its snow blowers, you just can’t go wrong with this brand.

One of the stars of the Toro brand is its zero-turn radius riding mower. On average, this mower offers users a 45 percent time savings over their previous mower. And that means less time mowing and more time relaxing on the weekends.

Snow removal is vital in Montana. And Toro can ensure your driveway and walkways stay clear with the minimum of effort. Whether you need a power shovel for small areas or the Power Max blower for larger spaces, you can clear the snow without hurting your back.

3. Shindaiwa®

From brushcutters to spreaders to sprayers, Shindaiwa® offers everything you need to get your property in tip-top shape.

As a global leader in low emissions, this Japanese company's products are associated with high performance, durability and quality.

With a focus on quiet operation and low vibration, Shindaiwa’s products are always lightweight, durable and powerful, not to mention efficient.

And it’s that efficiency that not only gets the job done right, but quickly.

So whether you need to edge your lawn, rid your garden of leaves or trim your hedges, Shindaiwa® can help.

4. Bear Cat®

Heavy yard work no longer needs to be daunting thanks to Bear Cat®. Essentially, if you have a mess to clean up, this American company can help.

Bear Cat® has been engineering and manufacturing outdoor power equipment for more than 30 years, and is known for its pressure washers, chippers, log splitters, pumps and wheeled vacuums.

A wheeled vacuum can help you clean up dry messes such as leaves, grass and sawdust while the pressure washer can help you keep your deck, patio, outdoor furniture and house siding free of grime. Chippers and log splitters are great not only for cleaning up after a tree has been cut down but for giving you useful products such as firewood or wood chips for your landscaping.

5. ECHO®

Headquartered in Chicago, ECHO’s products are popular worldwide. They are always built with professional-grade components to ensure maximum value from your investment. 

From chainsaws to trimmers, you can get your outdoor space in tip-top shape with ECHO.

Thanks to its 2-stroke engine and a Pro-Fire® ignition system, the ECHO chainsaw is perfect for pruning limbs, cutting firewood or cutting down trees.

Just like the chainsaw, ECHO’s trimmers start easily and run smoothly. They feature easy-to-use custom ergonomic controls and a lightweight design, whether you choose a curved shaft model for simple trimming or a straight shaft model for longer reach jobs.

Big John’s in Kalispell

If you’re looking for high-quality yard maintenance tools, look no further than Big John’s. As northwest Montana’s top supplier of outdoor living products, we stock all of the major brands including Stihl®, Toro® and Shindaiwa®. Visit or contact our showroom to speak to an expert about which tools and brands will best suit your needs.