The Benefits of Using Stihl Outdoor Products

The Benefits of Using Stihl Outdoor Products

Before deciding on any outdoor products for your home, such as the best lawn mower or a chainsaw, you may want to know how much easier it can make your life to invest in a quality brand. With an industry-leader like Stihl, you’re bound to enjoy the quality and durability of each product available. With many years of industry experience, it’s no wonder why this brand is known all around the world for excellence.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the Stihl brand and explore the benefits of each product.

What Makes Stihl Outdoor Products the Best?

Stihl values convenience and reliability. Each product is equipped with materials and features that make them easier to use than all the rest. For example, the compact cordless power feature that is available on most products makes the equipment more mobile. You can move around and not have to worry about entangling wires and messing with the electricity. This also helps you access corners and places that seem unreachable with long wires. You can also work in places without electricity as the batteries have long life. You only need a touch of a button to power start your machine and you are up and working efficiently.

How do products achieve this level of innovation and reliability? With over 90 years of expertise, of course. The Stihl brand has stood for revolutionary technology, technical innovation and state-of-the-art engineering, with products in over 60 countries. To learn more about the quality behind Stihl products, speak with our experts at Big John’s in Kalispell today.

The Best Stihl Outdoor Products

Stihl manufactures a range of home care and maintenance products, including a variety of power tools. Here are some of the most popular products from common, everyday categories:

Chain Saws

  • Electric
  • Lithium-Ion
  • Gas (farming, landscaping, forestry, and property maintenance)
  • Arborist
  • Rescue
  • Pole Pruners

Grass Trimmers

  • Electric trimmers
  • Lithium-Ion trimmers
  • Grass trimmers
  • Brush cutters
  • Powerful brush cutters
  • Clearing saws

Hedge Trimmers

  • Hedge trimmers
  • Lithium-Ion
  • Electric
  • Long-Reach

Lawn Mowers

  • Lithium-Ion (models: RMA 370, RMA 460 & RMA 510)

Pressure Washers

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Wet/Dry

Would you like to learn more about the Stihl products available at Big John’s? Visit our Kalispell store today, where our team of home improvement and maintenance experts would be happy to assist you.

Stihl Outdoor Products IN KALISPELL

Big John’s carries a wide selection of Stihl products, from chainsaws, trimmers and blowers, to edgers, wet/dry vacuums, lawn mowers, and so much more. To advance your fleet of outdoor and home improvement products, visit Big John’s today.