How Using a Swim Spa Can Help Ease Aches and Pains

Woman holding her elbow from pain.

Aches and pains can turn a great day into a horrible one. Whether it’s the result of an injury or simply a sign of aging, pain in the body shouldn’t be something you have to resign yourself to living with. Fortunately, there are some options you can explore that will help you ease those aches and pains without medication. Using a swim spa is one such way.

What Makes it Easier for Your Joints to Function?

Exercising can help you deal with aches and pains, but more often than not, it can cause some issues with your joints. If you have arthritis, it can be very difficult to do some of the basic exercises that help strengthen your muscles. Exercising in the water, however, actually helps to reduce the impact of movement on your joints. This makes it easier for you to move around and exercise for longer periods of time without pain. Your body weight is actually reduced by about 90 percent when in the water, relieving the pressure on your muscles and joints so they can relax and rest.

Swimming Is Great Exercise

For aches caused by pulled muscles, sore muscles, and other issues, exercise is one of the best forms of reducing the pain. It builds up the muscles around the injured area, putting less stress on the injury. Swimming is one of the best ways of working your entire body. Your arms, legs, back, and core muscles are all used when swimming in in-ground swim spas, giving you an all-around workout. By working your sore muscles, you will help increase the blood flow, too, which helps them heal.

Warm Water Helps Circulation

Speaking of increased blood flow, the warm water in your swim spa will help improve circulation and blood flow even if you’re not moving around. Your body can then move more nutrients to your damaged muscles, helping them heal more quickly.

Swim Spas Massage Your Muscles, too

Swim spas also massage your sore muscles, helping to work the knots out of them and relieve some of the pressure from the nerves. You’ll find yourself relaxing and the tension and pain drain away as the jets in your swim spa work their magic. The combination of massage, heat, and buoyancy from the water can make just about any pain vanish.

Finding the Right Swim Spa for You

All swim spas are great for hydrotherapy, but there are, of course, some differences in swim spas. Swim spa prices vary depending on the size and the amount of water it holds. The number of jets and functions also play a part in the cost. You’ll want to look for a swim spa that fits your budget, but also provides you with the amount of space you need to truly get the most out of it.

Big John’s

When asking, “how much are swim spas?” always remember that you’re looking into a tool to help relieve your pain, not a pool or a hot tub that will be used for fun. This is a necessity to help make your days pain-free, so make certain you’re getting the ideal swim spa to ease your aches. Not to mention all of the other benefits that can come along with it, such as improved sleep patterns, reduced stress and improved post-injury recovery. To learn more about our swim spas for sale, visit Big John’s in Kalispell today.